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Patient Direct Pharmacy is a workers compensation pharmacy with nationwide service that also handles auto injury and personal injury cases. We provide an opioid-free pain management that is designed to give effective relief, without compromising your health in other areas. Our aim is to alleviate any anxiety that comes with the process of being injured on the job or in an accident
Patient Direct Pharmacy empowers injured patients to obtain doctor-prescribed medications with ease. Our dedicated staff liaises directly with your insurance companies. Our workers compensation pharmacy ships medications straight to your chosen address, ensuring you receive your essential treatments without delays or concerns.
We specialize in auto injury (no fault) pharmacy services, offering top-notch treatments for recovery from auto-related injuries. Receive your medications directly at your doorstep or any preferred address. With Patient Direct Pharmacy Workers Compensation, you're guaranteed a hassle-free, prompt delivery of medical prescriptions.
The biggest benefit of engaging with Patient Direct Pharmacy is our unparalleled expertise in workers’ compensation and auto injury insurance trends. Our team is equipped with the latest therapeutic approaches, clinical expertise, and vital information to support payers. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of care and experience during your time of need.
Forget waiting in long queues or driving to your local pharmacy — we deliver your medications directly to your home. Plus, we coordinate with your insurance carrier for payments, ensuring you don't pay out-of-pocket for your prescription medications.
If your workers' compensation claim faces challenges or questions from your insurance carrier, we're here to help. Trust in Patient Direct Pharmacy to provide the answers and support you need throughout the process.

What others are saying

“They made this so easy and I am grateful for my meds coming straight to me. Thank you!”

Patty B. - MI

“Super professional and I get my meds at my door! Thank you”

Mark L. - MI

“Love the staff and so helpful with getting my orders.”

Sarah V. - MI

pharmacy for Injured Worker

Injured Worker?

Have you been injured at work? At Patient Direct Pharmacy, let us take care of all your prescription pharmacy needs, along with giving you direct access to the largest network of physicians and attorneys in your area.
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at our work comp pharmacy, we are here to handle all your patient’s needs.


We are here to handle all your patient’s needs. No additional administrative work allowing you to save time handling patient care. At our workers comp pharmacy, our staff is at your disposal.
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We are here to handle all your patient’s needs. Please enter the personal and claim information for the injured worker you are referring below.
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