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About Us

Patient Direct Pharmacy, is a nationwide pharmacy, and a leading provider of workers compensation and auto injury prescription services. We have the most experienced staff to help you navigate and handle all of your pharmacy needs, whether you’re a workers compensation patient, personal injury patient, a doctor or an attorney.
Patient Direct Pharmacy, a leading provider of workers compensation and auto injury prescription services.

Patient Direct Pharmacy benefits of workers compensation prescription services:

No out-of-pocket costs
Licensed pharmacists working to ensure quality and effective care
Use next day delivery to guarantee your prescription deliveries are not delayed and are received in the quickest timeframe
A legal team that works with ongoing prescription care on controverted and litigated claims
Dedicated, friendly customer care staff who look out for your best interest
We accept prescriptions under workers compensation and auto injury (no fault) insurance.

Patient Direct Pharmacy focuses on pain management to meet the unique needs and challenges facing patients, and practitioners. We bring over 60 years of combined industry experience and complies with the strictest credentialing standard.

Patient Direct works closely with leading pain pharmaceutical manufacturers and pain management physicians. We can help formulate patient management programs to facilitate prior authorization. Our goal is to optimize top tier compliance treatment outcomes for patients with a pain history.

Our main concern is providing you with the best treatment possible for your auto injury. Your medication will be shipped directly to your door. We work with your insurance carrier for reimbursement. We eliminate the obstacles standing in the way of receiving your medications quickly and seamlessly.

At Patient Direct Pharmacy we focus on delivering convenient, uninterrupted prescription service to those injured in accidents. We are your pharmacy partner in all Personal Injury cases. Patient Direct Pharmacy will provide a hassle-free first prescription to assist uninsured or underinsured patients.

Our team has unique visibility and insight to workers compensation and auto injury (no fault) insurance trends. We use new therapeutic approaches, clinical expertise, and information to support carriers. We try focus on drug free alternatives to pain management, but making sure the pain is alleviated.

Our level of expertise combined with our hi-tech capabilities is virtually unmatched in the pharmaceutical industry and is highly beneficial to payers.

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