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Workers compensation prescription care, when it’s needed

We understand the hassles of the workers comp system, which is why we provide continuous prescription care even through rejections and litigation. You can count on Patient Direct to provide for your clients and their prescription needs.

work comp pharmacy for physicians
workers comp prescriptions and medications

The process couldn’t be easier

Send us the patient’s prescriptions and demographics We’ll contact your patient and complete enrollment Medications are sent next day to your patient’s home or office

Average results just don’t work for us

When your client tries to fill their prescriptions at a local retail pharmacy, they can expect long wait times, costly payments, and eligibility denials. The maze of retail pharmacy isn’t appealing to us – we always satisfy.

Injured Workers Pharmacy
Licensed pharmacists working to ensure quality and effective care

Taking the work out of workers compensation

Supporting injured workers, no matter the state of their claim, is our commitment to you. As your workers comp and personal injury partner, you can expect your clients will get their prescriptions when and where they need them while we help your office and your cases along the way.

  • Detailed reporting capabilities on medication costs, outstanding
    balances, and utilization information needed for litigation or settlement
  • Dedicated Territory Manager and Litigated Claims team available to monitor
    the status of the claim and carrier rejections
  • Reduced phone calls, paperwork, and prescription issues for you and your
    office staff

Empower Your Clients with Seamless Prescription Care

Why let your clients navigate the maze of retail pharmacies when there's a hassle-free alternative? With Patient Direct, your clients get timely prescriptions, and you get the support and resources to streamline your cases. From detailed reporting to dedicated claim monitoring, we've got your back
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